When you partner with Dialogue you become part of a larger extended team that is committed to helping your business grow.

Dialogue offers three partner opportuinities, each combining exceptional support, remuneration and flexibility to adapt to your specific needs and goals. 


 With the flexibility to white label, direct bill and support in a manner that reflects your corporate brand your clients would never know that you aren’t using your own facility to deliver services.

Buy Rate Agent

 With the most aggressive buy rates in the industry and a strong sales team to help you and your clients through the process adding Dialogue’s collaboration services to your revenue and client base is as simple as it is profitable.

Referral Agent

 If your preference is to simply make a quick referral but not get involved in the sales process, we have our referral agent plan which pays you commissions for simply providing us a lead.Flexible with additional options

 Customize any of the three partner levels with Customer and System Touch Points. Customer Touch Points, provided by Dialogue Connect, can be branded based on your preference for partner-branded, Dialogue-branded, customer-specific branded or a combination:

• Sales support
• Sales operations
• Reservations (in main countries)
• Customer service
• Marketing
• Bridge messaging
• Confirmation email
• Consoles (web, iPortal)
• Customer Invoice