Agent program (Technology procurement consultants)

Agent program (Technology procurement consultants): You have your expertise and an established list of customers with IT / telecom or executive relationships, then:? Why not add value to your services as well as a lucrative financial incentive to offer consulting services on the following various services: Unified Communications Platform (UCaaS) / Call Centers (CCaaS) / SD-WAN, Connectivity / Cyber Security / Data Center The goal is to fully understand the challenges and various opportunities among customers and subsequently with access to research tools, solution experts and a network of cloud solution partners, collaborate and find the partner that will best meet the customer's needs.

What we offer:

 Seasoned specialists and certified solutions experts who offer you the best solutions.

 Access to more than 200 partners with pre-established contracts.

 Important relationships in Canada, Quebec & USA with the various players in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

 A receptive and attentive partner support team.

The Pathfinder platform is a reference application that helps you make the best technology decisions. Trusted experts use this powerful application to guide their customers through the complexities of next-generation enterprise technologies.

Pathfinder tools:

Dynamic matrices — Instantly compare an entire industry of suppliers to determine the best solutions for your customer's needs.

Interactive Rapid Assessments (AQIs ) — Call on our cloud computing engineers for expert recommendations on technology transformation.

Data Center Searches — analyze and compare more than 1,600 data centers around the world. International Fiber Search — View fiber access routes and identify who the best on-net and near-net carriers are, based on your customers' locations.

Quick quote — get real-time connectivity pricing from some of the largest carriers on the market. UCaaS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analytics — perform a customized assessment, showing the savings from a cloud-based UcaaS solution.

In addition: available for the moment in English only

Commissions — View the history of payments made by commissions and monitor billing discrepancies.

Trusted Advisor Academy — benefit from technology certifications to strengthen your expertise.

BattleView — track sales and pipeline trends across your organization.

Legal Models — Custom templates that highlight the most common legal language and terms.

Pathfinder   Provider Portfolio

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Solution training videos;

Case studies;

Support marketing. Our partner is a leader in sales development, empowering trusted advisors to accelerate their revenue from IT solutions for next-generation technologies faster and more efficiently. Our proven platform provides customers with much-needed access to people, products and resources to stay on top of rapidly changing market needs.




Technology research and analysis Customer-oriented market research, trends, insights and relevant data analysis, on the IT sector.

Annual reports on the status of disturbances;

The 6 - 12 quarterly reports on a particular technology solution;

Podcasts and blogs published weekly.

Training & Events Our partner offers training and sales events to support IT professionals, including introductory exercises, objection and rebuttal methods, tools to start the conversation, and a go-to-market strategy.

National Summit Congress;

Regional training of the Bootcamp type;

BattleLab demo offices (Chicago and Dallas);

Presentation webinars from various suppliers;

Tools and methods to better position yourself on the market. Multi-brand marketing materials, tailor-  made for email campaigns, social media and web lead generation.

Research reports;

Solution overview videos;

Content focused on intellectual leadership;


UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) – optimize communication and collaboration capabilities with a streamlined and cost-effective approach to cloud services.

Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) – create a customer experience using a more dynamic business model based on on-demand scalability, global reach, and seamless integrations

Connectivity — offer a variety of solutions globally, such as Internet, Internet access networks, broadband, Layer 2, dark fiber, wireless, fixed wireless, TEM, mobility, and IoT.

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)—ensure and facilitate real-time communications between multiple sites by leveraging your existing network or a more cost-effective option.

Cyber Security — Protect data breaches and malicious attacks in an IT ecosystem before they reach a critical and costly situation.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – leverage cloud computing resources in ultra-large-scale environments and* opt for best-in-class IT infrastructure.

Colocation offer your services to more than 1,600 data centers worldwide. JOIN US to evolve your business strategies and get ahead of the rapid evolution of the IT industry.